High Quality Artificial Mat

    - Stance Mat
    - Hitting Mat
    - Fairway Mat

This is considered as the best densed artificial mat for golf play. We can bring mats as you wish. (Please consult with us for the minimum quantity.)


1) 1" thickness - Bestly used for hitting mats, where you can get the best feeling as the real grass turf.

2) 1/2" thickness - Regularly used for most as stance mats and hitting mats.


1) Sponge with 1/2" thickness - Regularly used as stance mats and hitting mats at lower cost.

2) Rubber back - Provides good friction and considerable weight for stable positioning. Comes with 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" thickness.
GT Mat has two different sizes as shown on the left and below.

It can be attached by a strip for a right/left hitting bay.
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