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Auto Tee-up System
"Computee" by Sunaga

Sunaga is a leading manufacturer of Auto Tee-up Machines/Systems in the world, and has installed more than 300 golf ranges in the world including some in the US.

Realtime Online Computerized Customer/Station Information - As a total-concept driving range development company, Sunaga has created a variety of facilities based on the customer's demands while providing top quality products. Our information management systems, automatic tee-up machines and ball retrieval systems greatly increase efficiency through automation, streamlining and labor saving methods.

State-of-the-art Driving Range For a Competitive Market - The computee system has proven its value, ease of use, and reliability at driving ranges throughout the world. Sunaga is the leading manufacturers in the industry, and the pioneer in the U.S. market. As a matter of fact, Sunaga has installed even 400 auto tee-up machines in one golf range, that is the world largest golf range as far as we know, in addition to several 300+ golf ranges are existing in Japan.      

Photos on the left from above to down:

  • The Golf Club, Daiju, Japan (400 bays)
  • The Golf Club, Daiju, Japan (400 bays)
  • Kawaguchi, Japan (200 bays)
  • Lotte Kasai, Chiba, Japan (300 bays)

  • Desert Pines, Las Vegas

          This was one of Sunaga's earlier installation back in
          late 1990's.
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