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We supply the best quality net from Japan.

Our net is so uniquely made by special machines (about 10 machines existing in the world) using several types of strong fiber material. It is suitable for sporting facilities such as golf courses, golf ranges, baseball ground, some construction areas, and etc.  Here's a brief explanation of the superiority of the products.

* Knotless, Twisted - No peak abrasion point
* Square Meshing - Avoid wind force due to tight placement

       Sample drawing of our net (knotless square net) 

The gravity and the line of our net is same vertical line, so the net can be installed very tight to avoid "spinnaker" effect like sailing boats.     

        Sample drawing of their net (Russel net)
        - see large holes around it.

Competitors' net is flexible and easy to install as you can pull as much like rubber, but it also takes the mass of wind.

In addition to the above superior points, we offer;

* Finer and tighter net - Absorbes less water
* High solid/air ratio - Take less wind
* More durable against UV

The fiber we use is so strong that we make net with finer thread. Next, we use the special machine to make "Knotless & Square net", which reduces co-efficient drag from wind in the large scale. Such net we sell does not require big and strong fence poles as engineers know our net does not get dragged by the wind so much as others from our competitors.  And eventually, you can use smaller and thinner sized poles that save lots of cost to build your golf range.

Bali Hai Golf Club, Las Vegas
Majestic Golf Club, Los Angeles
What is "Super Fiber"?

Do you sometimes need more secured net even at higher cost?
Here's the solution;

strong to UV, can color, very strong to abrasion
Kevler (also called Twaron) -
strong to abrasion, can color, very weak to UV, made by Dupont
Spectra (also called Dyneema) -
Strong to UV, strong to abrasion, white/cream color - can't color, but paint or spray
Technola -
similar to Kevler, can color, but weak to abrasion

We supply Vectran. It is the brand name for a high-performance thermoplastic multifilament yarn spun from Vectra liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran is the only commercially available melt spun LCP fiber in the world. Vectran fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound Vectran fiber is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum.

The result of more than 15 years of dedicated research and development by Celanese scientists and the establishment of over 130 LCP-related U.S. patents, Vectran fiber provides engineers with exciting material selection options.
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