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Enjoygolf & Sports LLC was established 2003 in Orange County - California, as a marketing company for various golf and sports related products such as golf simulators, automatic tee-up machines, baseball pitching machines, and etc. with the expertise of business relations covering the industry bridging two countries of the United States and Japan.

In the late 2004, a new product line of unique Japanese sports net was added for the US golf industries. The net was immediately installed at a golf range in Los Angeles which had been looking for the strength and light weight.

We kept adding two more product lines in 2005; one is the high quality artificial turf for golf ranges and the other one is a golf ball launching monitor for indoor golf practice facilities.

With a keen sense of indoor golf booming in Japan, we coordinated with Japanese businessmen to found a sister company, Enjoygolf & Sports Japan on August, 2006 in Tokyo.

The most recent move of the company is an addition of the unexpected line in 2009, called Foresight Sports - Smart Camera System. The first product introduced early 2009 is GC2, which checks golf ball movements with incredible accuracy by far from other competitors.

At this moment, we're marketing products from the following manufacturers;

    * Foresight Sports, San Diego, California
    * Sports Tutor, California
    * Tartan Golf, Montreal, Canada
    * Boditrak, Canada
    * Sunaga Kaihatsu, Japan
    * Seiritsu Shouko, Osaka, Japan

We just keep moving forward to bring cool and easy products to the golf marketplace.